3-minute GDPR

Not a bad overview at all – I think it is useful to clarify that

  • the GDPR covers not EU citizens but EU residents, and
  • that data portability (Article 20) requires being able to request and send a machine readable copy of data to another controller but doesn’t require that controller to have software ready to actually read it

but otherwise a great overview/introduction.

Secure in our houses?

One observer said it “would be naive” to expect that a combined Google/Nest wouldn’t bring all the platforms and all the data together.

via Google-Nest merger reawakens privacy worries — Naked Security

Heard Fox-1D for the First Time Just Now

Heard the newly launched Fox-1D satellite as it passed over Seattle just 20 minutes ago. About every 3 minutes, it transmitted “Fox 1 Delta, Safe Mode.” Can’t wait to catch the Virginia Tech camera images when that hardware is enabled again.

Bringing Sustainable Enterprise to Makerspaces

This article by Will Holman ( @objectguerilla ) really resonated with me. Makerspaces really need all these things to help would-be makers develop their skills and create sustainable enterprises.

From https://placesjournal.org/article/makerspace-towards-a-new-civic-infrastructure/ :

The movement will need to embrace spaces that feature both traditional and advanced fabrication tools at affordable prices; that provide not only for tooling but also for assembly; that offer wrap-around business services for maker enterprises; that develop maker education into a rigorous pedagogy; and that help build a sustainable market for maker-made goods and services.

Photo credit

Found via https://impactdesignhub.org/2015/12/11/what-makerspaces-need-to-be-sustainable/

The Audacity of Spacecraft

I have no Morse skillz (yet), but I managed to use my iPhone to capture the audio of the CW beacon of the XW-2A cubesat as it passed through the skies to the West of our home, loaded it into Audacity and looked at the waveform to find the signature “CAMSAT” word that the spacecraft includes in its CW transmission:


Too cool 🙂

Got GPSD Working on the Raspberry Pi

Took just a little digging to find the correct commands to get my Arduino + Adafruit GPS based “clock” to talk to gpsd on the Raspberry Pi (the Arduino is powered and connected to a USB port on the Raspberry Pi.)  First, I did

sudo apt-get install gpsd
sudo apt-get install gpsd-clients
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd

(using /dev/ttyACM0) when prompted and then


for the display below


Clock is running https://github.com/allendav/GPSClock code