Privacy Policy

Version 1.0 – Effective January 30, 2018

What data is collected from you

If you elect to leave a comment on this site, you are also required to give your name and email address.

This site is hosted on, which collects additional information through the use of cookies, pixels and other tracking technologies. For more information see

What we do with your data / why the data is collected

Your email address is required to help reduce comment spam on posts on this site and to display a gravatar with your comment if you have one. For more information see

If you are logged in to when you visit this site, you may elect to “Like” a post. If you do so, your “Like” is used to display your gravatar in the post footer.

Who the data is shared with (e.g. third-parties)

Your name, email address and comment is shared with for the purpose of storing your comment for review, approval and display. I can view your email address but the general public cannot.

Where your data is stored, how access to your data is protected

Your name, email address and comments are stored on servers. Additionally, I use two-factor authentication on my login to protect access to your data.

How long your data is retained

Once a comment is approved, your name, email address and comments are retained until you ask them to be deleted. Comments that are not approved are immediately permanently deleted.

What options you have about data collection and use

If at any time you want to delete one or all of your comments, please contact me.

How you can access, update, or delete the collected data

Logged in users can edit their own comments at any time. For all other commentors, or if at any time you want to delete one or all of your comments, please contact me. I can be reached at allendavidsnook at gmail dot com