Hopefully Less Crashy Now

New firmware (thanks steveis), recalibrated, fixed some incorrect settings in the transmitter too.  Setup autolevel correctly this time.  Still waiting for replacement arm.  Soon.

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First Aerial Video – Sky River Park

We strapped an old Nikon Coolpix to the quadcopter frame for our first experiment in quadcopter aerial videography.

Props to http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ for their royalty free music for the clip and iMovie for some magic.

Maiden Voyage of our Quadcopter

My son and I took our quadcopter out for its first flight. The controls are incredibly touchy, still a lot of tuning to do, but we managed to only fly it into a tree once and a rock wall once – and nothing broke 🙂

Its controller is a HobbyKing KK2.1 the code for which is also Open Source GPL!

More details soon – need to get this thing stabilized before we take it much higher 🙂