Heard Fox-1D for the First Time Just Now

Heard the newly launched Fox-1D satellite as it passed over Seattle just 20 minutes ago. About every 3 minutes, it transmitted “Fox 1 Delta, Safe Mode.” Can’t wait to catch the Virginia Tech camera images when that hardware is enabled again.

Units Matter

Ah, the simple joy of checking units on orbital calculations. I am amazed at how the published papers and reference implementations I’ve been looking at today are sloppy with or completely omit units (or worse, mix them).¬† Getting units right can help avoid losing spacecraft, ya know.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.57.54 PM

Interested in Adopting Seamless Donations?

Hi everyone!

This is allendav Рthe author of Seamless Donations Рand I am looking for an experienced developer to adopt the Seamless Donations plugin РI simply cannot stay on top of the requests and give this plugin the support and attention it deserves.

If you are an experienced developer interested in adopting Seamless Donations, please send me an email at allendav at allendav dot com and include a link to your wordpress.org profile so I can check out your other work and see if you’d be a good match.

Thanks and cheers…


Seamless Donations 3.1.0 – CSS IDs and Item Name Filter

As requested, each section of the donation form now has a unique CSS ID to make styling the form easier – the IDs are (from top to bottom):


Note that the first section only appears when you’re testing in sandbox mode. Note that the second section only appears to visitors with JavaScript disabled.

I’ve also added by request a filter on the item name. If you’d like to have something other than “Donation” appear on the PayPal checkout page, don’t modify the Seamless Donations plugin (you’ll lose your changes when you update the plugin), but instead add the following to your theme (e.g. your child theme’s functions.php, or many themes have a custom.php that is preserved across theme updates.)

function my_custom_item_name( $item_name ) {
	return "Donation - Revenue Canada Tax ID: 999999999RR0001";

add_filter( 'dgx_donate_item_name', 'my_custom_item_name' );

Just substitute the value you’d like above.

I’ve been very busy, so this is kind of a small release. French language files are coming soon, not yet ready. German is in the works too!

As always, let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or run into any issues – the support forum is available here.

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