Packet Radio Transmitter is Working

The mini DIN plug I needed arrived in the mail on Friday.  OMG such small pins to solder.  I really need to buy a proper magnifier.  Connected my Yaesu FT-7800 to the Pakratt.  Discovered that the USB interface is not (yet) recognizable by my MacBook.  Connected it instead to trusty old Trinity, an old PC of mine.  Also not recognized.  Downloaded drivers for USB serial port bridge.  Then it was recognized as COM9.

Hah!  Hyperterminal is no longer included with Windows.  So sad.  Found and downloaded it.  Installer looks like something out of 1992, but it worked.  Spent the next hour tinkering with the TNC settings, setting it to my call sign, adjusting the threshold so it actually received packets.

So. Much. Setup. Required.  No wonder most people don’t do this.  Such incredible barriers to entry.  That’s something I’d like to work to change.

Because it took so long to setup I missed an excellent space station pass, but managed to get my BEACON text set with my lat and long and was delighted to see my call sign (KF7APE) appear on as a result.


Now, I just need the Space Station to pass overhead again.  Patience required 🙂

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Husband. Father. Proud Virginia Tech alum. Software Developer. Hardware Whisperer. Amateur Radio operator. Motorcyclist. Coffee lover. Stuff.

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