No Space Station for You… Today

After an exciting week in Rome, I was even more excited about the Slow Scan Television transmissions from the International Space Station planned for this weekend. But turns out, there are no times where the Space Station is visible from the Seattle area that correspond with the broadcast times. So, Sad Christmas.

This sort of thing – having an easy, tightly integrated way to be able to know in advance of upcoming radio events for satellites which will be visible from your location – is exactly the sort of thing I think we need more of – to encourage our youth to look to the stars and take the next leaps – back to the Moon, to Asteroids, to Mars and beyond.

I’m working on an iOS app to do exactly that – make it easy to know when space based radio events are upcoming, with a user interface designed for teenagers and up. And, it will be open source. Things like this are worth sharing.

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