Interested in Adopting Seamless Donations?

Hi everyone!

This is allendav – the author of Seamless Donations – and I am looking for an experienced developer to adopt the Seamless Donations plugin – I simply cannot stay on top of the requests and give this plugin the support and attention it deserves.

If you are an experienced developer interested in adopting Seamless Donations, please send me an email at allendav at allendav dot com and include a link to your profile so I can check out your other work and see if you’d be a good match.

Thanks and cheers…


9 thoughts on “Interested in Adopting Seamless Donations?”

    1. I know we have tried to connect but other technical circumstances have prevented me from be attentive. If you could email me at it would be most appreciated. I have the kind of background that would be able to fulfill your request of finding your project a good home. When I get my funding is my only answer which brings us to a bit of a conundrum. I do need to firm up how this credit card function is going to work and can paypal take credit cards without demanding a membership before hand? James, … milestonesedge0311


      1. I’m going to keep updating the plugin after all, and I’ve put it on GitHub so everyone can lend a hand. Thanks, though! To answer your other question – yes, PayPal can accept credit cards without an account – but if you have an account with PayPal it leaves cookies on your browser that will hide that option.


  1. Allen, please give thought to monetizing some part of it to make it worth your while. Its an excellent endeavor that you have made freely available to so many. Consider monetizing the platform extracting a small fee applied to funds flowing through your platform. I for one will be happy to see a small fee assessed to each donation or gift to honor your great work. Don’t give away the baby, the bath water and the tub…


    1. Hi Pastor Jedidiah! I’m not permitted to monetize the plugin because of a conflict of interest, but its really not about the money – its about all the other things I have on my plate 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words


  2. This is an excellent plugin. I would have paid $20 to download, and I still will. You should consider monetizing.

    Please continue supporting this plugin. I appreciate your hard work!


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