Seamless Donations 2.7.0 – Now Supports International Donors

The newest version of Seamless Donations now lets you accept donations from non US donors. It’s the next step toward full international support in the plugin. Your donors can select their country during the donation process (US and Canadian donors will also be able to pick their state or province.)

Donations are still in US Dollars, but other currency support will be coming in the next release.

Existing users should see an upgrade link in their Dashboard under plugins to upgrade to 2.7.0.

Have a question? Please check and post in the support forum here.

3 thoughts on “Seamless Donations 2.7.0 – Now Supports International Donors”

  1. Hi, I love this plugin and want to you for donations for my coming wedding, though i was wondering how long it will take for international currency as I am in the UK and want GBP? and no other plugin comes anywhere close for my requirements..


    karl 🙂


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