Coming Next for Seamless Donations

International donations! Soon you will be able to accept donations from all around the world – not just from US donors. I am testing the changes right now and expect to release the new version later this week.

And then, soon after that, currency selection – allowing you to receive donations in more than just US dollars!

A Donor in South Africa

7 thoughts on “Coming Next for Seamless Donations”

    1. I took a quick look and it appears your theme might be applying styles that are messing with radio buttons and checkboxes in forms. I can take a more detailed look later and suggest some CSS changes that your developer/designer could incorporate into your theme to avoid this, or your developer might be able to do that right away. I will have some time to look later today.


    1. OK – I think it is good to go – it should appear as an update in your dashboard shortly – let me know what you think – I’ll send out the version 2.7.0 announcement tomorrow


      1. Thanks Allen,

        The update worked great updating the plugin. I will see if I can get someone from a far away land to use it in their country (hopefully) to test it out. You do great work and I look forward to the continued improvement and the success of your software plugin.

        Thank you so much! 🙂


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