Seamless Donations 2.6.0 Released – now with Repeating Donations Support

I’m excited to announce version 2.6.0 of Seamless Donations for WordPress- and the plugin now has a big feature a lot of people have asked for – Repeating Donations support. Your donors can now elect to have their donation repeat each month!

This release also adds a lot of other improvements:

  • Added: Support for loading scripts in footer
  • Added: Greyed out donate button on click
  • Added: Prompt to confirm before deleting a donation in admin
  • Added: Seamless Donations news feed to main plugin admin page
  • Added: Help/FAQ submenu
  • Added: Replaced main admin page buttons with Quick Links
  • Added: Display of PayPal IPN URL in Settings
  • Added: More logging to PayPal IPN for troubleshooting hosts that don’t support fsockopen to PayPal on 443
  • Fixed: Bug in displaying thank you after completing donation
  • Fixed: Changed admin log formatting to make reading, cutting and pasting easier

I also did a major rewrite of the admin pages code in support of localization and code maintenance – in preparation for future internationalization efforts.

Let me know what you think!



16 thoughts on “Seamless Donations 2.6.0 Released – now with Repeating Donations Support”

  1. Hello Allen,

    Seems all is not well with the latest release 2.6.0. I missed a significant donation from South Africa today and discovered perhaps why. Also another issue that other users have pointed out.

    #1). Regarding International Donations: They had been working fine from many countries but after the new release 2.6.0. I am unable to receive international donations. Here is what I have discovered after a bit of embarrassment today while working with a South African couple who wished to donate.
    a). There is no option to select a country at the Seamless Donation interface. The PayPal processing page allows for a drop down list of approved countries to be selected from. People who wish to donate from outside the U.S. at present cannot donate because the assumption Seamless Donations appears to be based on U.S. donors. We receive international donations more frequently these days than U.S. donations and urgently need this corrected.
    b). The form is also set up to choose a “default” state. I defaulted to “GA” in my set up as that is where I live. When the international donor leaves it as defaulted for GA or any other state option that is available, the donation transaction is rejected. I noticed that PayPal has allowed for on their processing page a “Blank Spot” at the top that can be selected to skip a state designation. Can you include a “default option” for a “Blank Spot” that international donors will understand as a selectable option for people donating from outside of the U.S. and that will integrate with Paypal for international transactions.

    2). People are repeatedly confirming that the Thank You Letters are not processing. I was contacted by a user of Seamless Donations who asked me to verify this on my side as he was having issues as well as others. It appears to not be sending the auto generated Thank you Letters although I have not tested this personally and had assumed that it was working properly.

    I appreciate your product and your work. I was a bit embarrassed today as my potential donor from South Africa is a very well known business owner and was ready to be a long term supporter and we needed their transaction today but could not process it. It caused us to seem unprofessional on some levels.

    I opted currently to develop my own PayPal direct donation button in the event that anyone has issues with the Seamless Donation form as we this issue of international donations not being able to be processed was brought to our attention today. I love your product and want to continue with it, but we need a quick fix to get back on target. Please give priority to these matters to improve Seamless Donations on the international level.

    Thank you and would love to hear back with some indication of a “fix” release as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Pastor Jedidiah


    1. Hi Pastor Jeddediah!

      You are correct – the plugin doesn’t support international donations (yet), but I didn’t think I changed anything in that regard in this release. I will check.

      For the thank you emails – two emails are sent at the same time – one to the address set in the plugin settings (i.e. notifying you of a new donation) and one to the donor. Is the first one alao not coming through? Is there anything in the logs regarding failure to send an email?

      Also, would you have your donor check their spam folder to make sure it did not end up there?


      1. Hey Allen,

        Prior to the new release we had processed donations from Japan, England, Scotland and other countries without any issues. After the new 2.6.0. there seems to be something that changed not allowing international donations to be processed. I was online with the donor in South Africa and they were unable to complete the donation because it defaulted to GA as their state when they were actually in South Africa. PayPal has those options on their giving interface for international processing. Can we get a fix for Seamless Donations to interface for international donations?

        On the Thank you letters I have not tested the system since our upgrade to 2.6.0. and am only relying on what other users have said and posted on the Word Press Forum and one user who contacted me seeing that I used the same version.


        1. OK – would you check for logs for a message like this? The logs are in Seamless Donations – logs

          IPN failed ( unable to open chatbackurl, url = ssl://, errno = 13, errstr = Permission denied )

          Let me know if you are getting something like that – it may be that your hosting provider is not allowing fsockopen

          Also, let me know if you are getting any notifications of donations at the address you set up in Seamless Donations > Settings.


  2. I am getting the notification of donations received and you are correct that it may end up in the donor’s junk box. I personally just assumed they were getting the Thank You letters and have left it at that.

    Back on the international donations. Really the two distinctions between PayPal and the Seamless Donations interface seem to be #1 the drop down list of Countries. #2 The ability to default to a “blank” option for state.

    On a side note I did notice on PayPal the option to for donors to pay be EFT also which seems to possibly not be an option with Seamless Donations unless that option appears on the PayPal side of the transaction.


    1. I did fix a bug that was causing the blank state – looks like that had unintended consequences – I will find a better fix this weekend.


  3. Yeah. I think the “Blank State” was actually PayPal’s way of allowing a “no selection option” for international donors. I noticed a comment on the forum from people in Canada as well asking for help in this area.

    In regards to error messages I don’t see any of the mentioned error messages. In fact my donation log only runs through the time to where I updated to 2.6.0. and it ends there although donations were made after that. On 12-24-2013 the Dating format changed as follows. From this order: 12-14-2013 04:35:38 to this order: 2013-12-24 18:59:59 Seems that there was a shift in the order. I have received donations to the account since 12-24-2013 but they are not included in the Log and the notification of donations that I am receiving are coming from PayPal and not Seamless Donations from what I can tell.


  4. Wait…I take the last comment back. I am running Seamless Donations on both of my ministry websites and the donation from South Africa was on the log of the Seamless Donation log. It is the only activity there. The other log under did not register donations made after 12-24-2013 although donations were received and notifications came in from Paypal. Sorry about the confusion. I had only looked at one log my main site.


    1. Hey Pastor Jeddidiah – would you email me the log from each of your sites to allendav at allendav dot com?

      Also – does each site link to a separate PayPal email address or the same one?


  5. On a closing note. I did notice that on my PayPal address on one of my websites I had included a variation in the lettering.

    On the PastorJedidiahMinistries site on the Seamless Donation Paypal Account Input I had: and on the other site it was
    The actual Paypal account is in all lower caps actually, so I have corrected that variation as it my have caused the IPN URL to not work properly causing the donation to not process on that site. That may be the issue if everything else checks out.

    I still think that the “No State” choice interface and “Approved Country” interface should be included to promote the international use of the Plug In and for clarity as some in other countries do not proceed to donate given that they don’t find those options.

    Sorry about all of the detail here but just working through it.


  6. The two sites link to the same PayPal email address and account. I think perhaps the upper and lower case issue I listed above could be part of the issue as most of the donations have been processed from the site with the correct lower case listing and the other site has not had activity except apparently this rejected donation from South Africa today.

    Yes I will send both logs now and continue any other detail via your email address. Thanks for being available.


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