Have You Created Icons for Your Plugins Yet?

I’ve just added an icon for Seamless Donations for WordPress – its meant to evoke a coin being dropped into a giving box – and I’ve tested the plugin for WordPress 4.0:


Have you tested your plugins for WordPress 4.0 and created icons yet? It’s easy to do – why not take a few moments today?

Have you upgraded to WordPress 4.0 yet? You should :)

Interested in contributing to Seamless Donations for WordPress? I can’t do it all myself – pull requests are always welcome on GitHub.

Maiden Voyage of our Quadcopter

My son and I took our quadcopter out for its first flight. The controls are incredibly touchy, still a lot of tuning to do, but we managed to only fly it into a tree once and a rock wall once – and nothing broke :)

Its controller is a HobbyKing KK2.1 the code for which is also Open Source GPL!

More details soon – need to get this thing stabilized before we take it much higher :)