Off Duty

Son: “so Valve is offering – if you find an economy exploit in this game – they award you with any hat you want, and I figured that since you are a developer that you could find a glitch and then I could get the hat”

Me: “I can’t. I’m off duty now.”

Son: “When are you on duty again?”

Me: “Tomorrow”

Son: “So you’ll do it tomorrow?”

Me: “No.  I’m on duty then for Mr. Mullenweg. You’ll have to do it yourself.”

Get Your Sites More Love with a Simple Change to Your Gravatar Profile

I was disappointed recently to see that my sites display below the fold on my gravatar profile. You can add all sorts of services to the sidebar (Facebook, Twitter, etc), but not resources.

Unfortunately, this means that if someone follows your Like thumbnail on a post to your gravatar profile, they might miss the below-the-fold content and then never navigate from there to your site. Missed followers make for a sad panda.

But there is a bit of a hack that can make it easier for people following your Like thumbnails to find your site (especially if they don’t remember to scroll down to see the websites on your gravatar profile.)

You can edit the information displayed in the top left corner of your gravatar profile and add links to achieve similar effect. Here’s how: Sign into your account, and select Edit Profile. Under Name and Details, look for About Me and enter links to your sites there. You can use a fair amount of HTML in the About Me box – things like <b> and <a href=”…”>

Here’s what I ended up with:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 4.30.36 PM is what matters most to me, and now my gravatar profile reflects that. How about you?

Have You Created Icons for Your Plugins Yet?

I’ve just added an icon for Seamless Donations for WordPress – its meant to evoke a coin being dropped into a giving box – and I’ve tested the plugin for WordPress 4.0:


Have you tested your plugins for WordPress 4.0 and created icons yet? It’s easy to do – why not take a few moments today?

Have you upgraded to WordPress 4.0 yet? You should :)

Interested in contributing to Seamless Donations for WordPress? I can’t do it all myself – pull requests are always welcome on GitHub.